From an early age Lisa Marie was drawn to female theologian figures and rituals. As a young catholic school girl she would regularly visit Mary of Nazareth statues and study women saints such as Joan of Arc. While attending Sacred Heart Academy during her first communion, she participated in a maypole dance and felt a strong empowerment through the Germanic pagan ritual. As a growing spiritual young feminist, Lisa Marie quickly became disenchanted with the hierarchy and gender discrimination found within the structure of the Roman Catholic Church and spent her early adulthood unlearning such restrictive social structures.

Years later, recovering from a stressful job, broken heart and traumatic brain injury, Lisa Marie found regular meditation and yoga practice to be the antidote for her physical headaches and modern day miseries. She embarked upon a yoga journey that calmed her sore body, relieved her aching head and opened her spirit up to the wisdom of ancient yoga texts. Yoga, which means to yoke or link together, is a bridge that can connect our bodies, minds and spirits. Lisa Marie uses her work as an artist, teacher and social justice leader to help uplift others, promoting a more loving, respectful and kind world.

Lisa Marie Thalhammer first began her yoga studies under guide, mentor and healing professional, Manisha Tare of Falling Leaf Wellness. She continues to study yoga philosophy under Hari-kirtana Das, speaker, yoga teacher and author of In Search of the Highest Truth: Adventures in Yoga Philosophy.

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