Yoga Inspired by Art with Lisa Marie Thalhammer

In this vinyasa flow practice postures and narratives are directly inspired by specific artworks or curatorial themes. Practitioners will find deeper educational, historical and cultural significance, gaining greater insight to the artworks by viewing them from inversions and new angles. This creative yoga workshop can celebrate artists and renew our awareness of the artworks that surround us every day, allowing for new associations with familiar pieces to be created. Artworks may include public space sculptures, murals or indoor museum/gallery installations, paintings and exhibitions.

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Yoga for Creativity Workshop with Artist Lisa Marie Thalhammer

Cultivate your creative potential during this workshop led by visual artist and yoga instructor Lisa Marie Thalhammer. We will focus on the chakra energy centers that boost creativity gaining a greater understanding of the subtle energetic body and how blockages in this system can stifle our creative potential. Begin to understand feelings as ephemeral experiences of the physical body and use visualization to change unproductive thought patterns that hold us back from prolific expression. Become the inspiration you need to thrive.

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Yoga for LOVE Workshop with Artist Lisa Marie Thalhammer

Discover the LOVE you’ve been waiting for and cultivate a steady, joyful and loving life through the dynamic practice of yoga! In this workshop you’ll learn three ways to overcome the obstacles of LOVE in addition to gaining a greater appreciation for the variety of LOVE that already exists in your life. We’ll focus on postures to heal and strengthen the heart and find a flow that spreads the energy of LOVE throughout your body. Using visualization meditation techniques we will then radiate that LOVE out to the world and people around us 💜

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