About Lisa Marie

Lisa Marie Thalhammer is continuously inspired by how the art of yoga has the power to heal the body, mind and spirit. She is a RYS-200 hour certified vinyasa flow instructor and an award winning visual artist.  Lisa Marie is most known for her striking and powerful portrait paintings, collages, color networks and public murals. With over a decade of experience in arts education, she teaches yoga to share the physical healing, mental benefits and spiritual enlightening she has experienced through her practice with others.

Lisa Marie Thalhammer brings enriching themes, curated music, choreographed sequencing and a figure painter’s eye for alignment assists to her yoga classes. Her all level vinyasa flow practices are grounded in yoga theory while creatively uplifting. Expect a fun well rounded flow that includes intention setting, warm-up, sun salutations, posture variations and meditative moments. Inspiring soundtracks keep class interesting while cues to breathe connect you with your body. Classes conclude with a warm-down, guided final rest and gratitude.

Lisa Marie teaches yoga regularly at Flow Yoga Center on Monday evenings at 8pm, leads workshops at her 52 O Street Artist Studio and has recently joined the Stonewall Yoga teaching lineup for this season. Lisa Marie additionally teaches private and in-class private lessons,  lunch time yoga for your workplace and special workshops linking creativity, art, love and yoga.

Visit lisamariestudio.com to view her visual art portfolio.


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